Odysseus reveals his identity to Penelope, but she is skeptical.  She tests him by having Eurycleia provide a place to sleep by moving a bed into the hallway.  Odysseus becomes angry because he built the bed out of a tree trunk and knew it could not be removed unless significantly changed.    Penelope then knows that he is her husband.  Next he explains the prophecy from Tieresias that he must carry an oar inland and make sacrifices to Poseidon.  He also needs to gather his livestock and goods that were taken by the suitors, and visit his father.  He instructs her to stay locked inside her room with the maids.

  1. How does Penelope test Odysseus?  Why does she test him?
  2. Describe the one last task that Tiresias gives Odysseus in his prophecy?  Why do you think this task is important?
  3. After Odysseus tells Penelope his adventures, he sets off again.  What does he go do?  What does he tell Penelope to do?