Telemachus returns home, accompanied by Theoclymenus.  Eumaeus brings the disguised Odysseus to his home where the suitors are entertaining themselves as usual.  Odysseus is recognized only by Argos, his old hunting dog, who dies after hearing his master’s voice one last time.  Odysseus tests the suitors by begging for food from each one.  Penelope tells Eumaeus to bring the beggar to her; she wants to know if he has any news about Odysseus.

  1. What does Theoclymenos prophecy to Penelope?
  2. How does Odysseus test the suitors?
  3. Who recognizes Odysseus right away?  How does he recognize him?
  4. Who makes Odysseus extremely angry?
  5. Why does Odysseus want to test his servants and his wife before revealing his identity?