Odysseus follows Circe’s instructions.  In Hades, he first sees a dead shipmate, Elpenor, then his mother, Anticleai, then Tiresias.  Tiresias tells him what will happen to him next, including a warning about the cattle of Helios and how to reconcile with Poseidon.  Next he talks with his mother and she answers many questions for him.  At this point, Odysseus tries to conclude his storytelling, but Alcinous begs him to continue.   He finishes by saying he met the souls of many who passed away, then he left Hades.

  1. What does Odyssesu do to call the souls fo the dead to him?
  2. Who is Tiresias?  Why does Odysseus want to talk to him?  What is his prediction?
  3. What should Odysseus do to the suitors at his house?
  4. Who is Odysseus’ mother? How did she die? Why can’t Odysseus hug her?